Are there “Bad Foods”?

Yesterday, I was in a discussion with some colleagues regarding the concept of “bad foods”.  A couple of these colleagues help to facilitate a program where the philosophy is that there are no “bad foods” (basically, you can eat any foods in moderation).  One of them said that he embraced the philosophy at first, but no longer believes it.  He sees the addictive qualities of some foods, and feels that some individuals would be unable to eat them in moderation.  I tend to agree with him.

I think that we need to be eating “real foods”, avoiding “food-like products” (stealing a term from the documentary Hungry for Change  I also think that some people do need to avoid certain foods at all costs, while others may be able to eat them in moderation.  What do you think?  Please let me know below.

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Adoptive and Adaptive

As we are always looking to improve ourselves, we look to those at the top of our profession(s). I love the simple manifesto used by Mike Boyle:
1) First we will do no harm.
2) We will train no further than technical failure.
3) We will deliver the minimal effective dose.
Found at the following link

Also, I resonate with the basis of Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems being “Move Well. Move Often.” And, I like to adapt it by adding “Eat Well.” at the front.

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Champions Performance Philosophy

The Champions Performance philosophy is to focus on providing quality content that promotes whole health and well-being.  Currently, we are influenced strongly by Functional Movement Systems, Movnat, The Paleo Solution, Gray Cook, and Mike Boyle.

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